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Just in time for Easter, here’s a brand new entry from the Department of Extraordinary Eggshell Artists: Polish artist Piotr Bockenheim spends countless hours using a tiny electric drill, an awesomely delicate touch, and immeasurable patience to turn goose egg shells into exquisite sculptures.

Head over to Piotr’s DeviantART gallery to view more.

[via Colossal]


Hi beautiful rays of sunshine, I’m doing my first giveaway for this blog! Yay!!
-LOOK! LOOK AT THAT PICTURE! It’s a brand-new-never-ever-been-used Christina Cody pipe with a froggy on it (it stands flat on it’s own)
-Random new rolling papers (I’ll be picking one of my favorites for you)
-Hemp wick
-A sticker from my favorite head shop
-A follow from me
-And a love letter from me to you filled with lots of stuff to make you smile (and stuff from my friends because they think they’re funny)
- Because today was so beautiful and the warmest it’s been yet, and I am so happy
- Because I haven’t done a giveaway on this blog yet, and I appreciate my followers
- Because I have never used this piece, and someone deserves to enjoy this more than I have!
-Since this is for my followers, you have to be following me. I will check, and if you aren’t, I will pick someone else.
-1 reblog is 1 entry, reblog as much as you want! But if you spam your followers or are a contest blog, I’ll pick someone new.
-Likes don’t count, but you can use them to bookmark this post
-Messaging me and telling me to pick you will not persuade me. This is RANDOM so ALL of my followers have a chance.
-If you delete the text, your entry won’t count.
-I have to limit this to people 18+ unless you have a valid med card (sorry I’m not looking to get in legal trouble)
-IT STARTS NOW (April 10th) and will end on APRIL 20th. THATS TEN DAYS AND IT WILL END ON 4/20. (I will announce the winner at 8pm est. time)

I’m probably going to add some random things in, and I WILL SHIP ANYWHERE IN THE US. (Sorry international followers, I’ll have something special for you all on a later date)
Also; in no way, shape, or form, is this connected with Tumblr or its’ staff.
Happy smoking my pretty flowers!

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